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Marketing and Advertising Management

This is where we can help the most – how many different sales reps are you working with, and how many others call on a daily basis? Let Your Marketing Team field all the calls and explore new opportunities. We will work with you on developing a marketing plan and budget, and stick to it. We will work with you to develop an effective media plan so that your message gets in front of the right people as efficiently as possible.

Whether you want to create a direct mail campaign, a postcard, advertise in the local coupon envelopes, or run an insert in the local papers, we can help manage that. From booking the ads, creating the ads, and tracking ROI, you can depend on Your Marketing Team.

If your budget allows, we can also facilitate a campaign on TV, radio, online, billboards, or cable. Not sure who your target audience is? We’ll show you what media resonates with your target audience and explain why. We will also show you tips on how to leverage that medium’s strengths and opportunities to reduce your overall costs.

What is our fee? We like the idea of a flat monthly rate.  We want you to pay the same rates for all mediums as if you negotiated them yourself.  While we may get better rates because of our volume – we would prefer to act on your behalf as your Marketing Director

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Located in Cedarburg, WI & Servicing Small Businesses Across the Country
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