Located in Cedarburg, WI
Servicing Small Businesses Across the Country

Let Us Be Your Partner in Business

Your Marketing Team is here to help orchestrate all of your marketing, advertising, and print by giving you one point of contact, leaving you to run your business.

You need to be focused on running your business – Let us worry about the details!

We can meet Weekly or Monthly – You set the budget.

$250 Per Month

$500 Per Month

$1,000 Per Month

We’re different than a traditional agency because our fees are not tied to how much you spend on advertising – they are based on what you can afford.  We work together to set expectations & establish a customized affordable program.

One of the hardest parts of being self-employed is finding a partner you can trust to help set goals with, and insure you stick to them. There is nothing better than having a trusted advisor/partner to brainstorm with on a monthly basis and who can ensure that all of the day-to-day details are being handled.  Someone that can look outside the box, multi tastk and problem solve without bogging you down with questions.

The best part is that our expertise can flow into all aspects of your business – not just marketing!

If Your Days Looks Like This – Give Us A Call!

  1. Running up to your local printer to get some overpriced flyers
  2. Coordinating projects and ads with your graphic designer and/or multiple sales reps
  3. Calling your webmaster to change the spelling of your new employee’s name
  4. Tracking down your sign guy to get your banner for the event this weekend
  5. Returning calls from five of your ad guys with whom you left messages and emails two days ago about the ad copy that is due later this week – that you need to make changes to
  6. Jumping on the internet and researching the competitor who is moving in down the street
  7. Meeting with your printing and mailing company to figure out where you are going to target with your next campaign
  8. Dealing with all of the sales reps who are trying to sell you something – funnel them through to us! How much time is wasted contemplating “great ideas,” and not knowing how to say no?
  9. Spending hours analyzing your ROI on all the ads you are running & wondering why new business isnt coming in fast enough.
  10. Figuring out how to tell a rep you’ve been working with for years that his product isn’t working and you have to look at his competitior……knowing he has become a close friend.
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Located in Cedarburg, WI & Servicing Small Businesses Across the Country
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